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Article: What is a Rose Gold Wedding Band?

What is a Rose Gold Wedding Band?

What is a Rose Gold Wedding Band?

A Rose-Gold Wedding Band


Rose gold is making a comeback. Made from a gold-copper alloy to give it the tint we know and love today, it was first popularized in nineteenth century Imperial Russia. Those of you who know your jewelry will know or have heard of the famous Fabergé Eggs. They were created by Carl Fabergé himself – a jeweler to the royal czars of that era – and he was the first to put what we now refer to as rose gold in his ornate creations.


With that in mind, it’s fair to say that those who wear rose gold embody a sense of royalty, grace and class jewelers of today seek to endow when designing statement pieces.

 Rose Gold Wedding Band for women



What is a Rose Gold Wedding Band?


A rose gold wedding band is unique, because rose gold represents love and the band represents something everlasting because it has no beginning and no end. Egyptians also believed the center opening is a door to the future. When a bride puts her finger through it, she is leaving one life and entering into another, which is a metaphor that still stands today.


Wedding bands are different to wedding rings, with the former generally considered a more classic choice because they’ve been around for as long as the tradition of joining two people together has. They also have a more simplistic design, although strides in enhancing their femininity has seen them grow in popularity.

Rose Gold Wedding Band for women



Famously Tinted


Studies have shown that the blush metal generates emotions of compassion, composure and warmth. Even celebrities are choosing rose gold wedding bands to dazzle and impress their wives-to-be. Blake Lively was proposed to by Ryan Reynolds with a Lorraine Schwartz ring featuring a pink oval cut diamond set in rose gold. Emma Roberts, Whitney Carson, Hayden Panettiere and Katie Homes all also tied the knot in the blush alloy.


So, what’s made them so popular in recent years?


We can only guess. Perhaps it’s merely a reflection in a natural change of taste, with Pinterest reporting over 100,000 pins in 2016 from a younger generation; or maybe the fact pink is classically feminine and romantic has stirred nostalgia or a vintage appeal that’s currently on trend.


Either way, if you are looking for a rose gold wedding band for the women of your dreams, then we suggest you think pink.


A rose gold wedding band for her?



What Knot to do…


If you’ve decided to take the plunge, then there are a few key things to consider when choosing a quality band. The highest karat version of rose gold is 22K; however, that comes with the expected price tag. So, unless you’re a czar yourself, we would recommend an 18K rose gold wedding band. And remember: the higher the copper content, the darker the blush. A rough guide to follow is:


  • 18K red gold: 75% gold, 25% copper
  • 18K rose gold: 75% gold, 22.25% copper, 2.75% silver
  • 18K pink gold: 75% gold, 20% copper, 5% silver1


Now you’ve got your perfect composition, it’s time to choose your perfect design. Different twists have different meanings, so to help you make a start, here are some common symbolisms:


  • Ribbon – a symbol of unending faith and eternal love
  • Knot – a classic ‘promise ring’ that symbolizes love, friendship and affection
  • Twist – a band that symbolizes two people on their eternal journey together
  • Marquise – a trendy band that symbolizes elegance and modesty
  • Figure of eight – a simple knot design that symbolizes infinity
  • Wish bone – a pretty design that symbolizes luck
  • Nothing – a historical full ring without a break that symbolizes infinity


A classic take on a contemporary design


Modern Luxury Made Simple


Yeg Jewelry is a fine jewelry company that prides themselves on hand selecting diamonds and materials based on a range of quality factors. The handcrafted engagement rings are made by master artisans in California, which is an ethical alternative for those who want to locally source products, and each ring can be tailored to the bride-to-be’s unique style. This means you are guaranteed to buy something truly special that lasts as long as the ring symbolizes.


Please take a look at our range here to see what we can create for you.
 Woman Rose Gold Wedding Band


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